Native Instruments Maschine tracks


  Native Instruments Maschine – How the best beats can enhance any track/creation. With beat-making software and equipment, any DJ can create custom tracks, develop a unique sound all their own, and eventually become a well known and established professional in their field. But, with the right native instruments maschine, not only can professionals develop … [Read More]

Hip Hop Drum Samples

    How To Pick The Best Hip Hop Drum Samples. Are you wondering what would be the best way of picking the top hip of drum samples? If yes, then this write-up is a must-read for you. The process should begin with a thorough analysis of your needs and expectations. Ask yourself what kind … [Read More]

Native Instruments Maschine


  Is the Native Instruments Maschine Right for You? If you want a new production studio device with a classic groove vibe, you’ll enjoy learning about the Native Instruments Maschine. This exceptional electronic studio will allow you to sample, arrange, mix and add effects. When you order this popular design, you’ll receive Maschine 2 software, … [Read More]

Akai MPD32


  Akai MPD32   A few weeks ago here at, we reviewed a key piece of equipment for any producer, the Akai MPC Touch. Last week we got our hands on an Akai MPD32, built around the old school MPC design, and we were thoroughly impressd.   Unlike the Touch, the MPD32 offers a … [Read More]

Akai MPC 1000


  All You Need to Know about Akai MPC 1000 In case someone is searching for a workhorse MPC, they ought to certainly try the Akai MPC 1000. Manufactured by Akai, MPC 1000 is among the first MPCs inside the Numark period. This device has essentially all the necessary features which one would be expecting … [Read More]

Making Hip Hop Music


  Making Hip Hop Music More Classic With  Software. Good Hip-Hop Music has a typical regular rhythmic pattern with clear vocals on the top of the beat. To get the hit, treat your song seriously to blend into the right sounding groove and harmonize with the drum pattern.   The creation of Pro Tools 12 … [Read More]

Hip Hip Instrumentals


Rap Instrumentals together with Hip Hop Loops For Music production Do you like hip hop? Would you like to give rapping an attempt? If you are considering this kind of music, there are a lot of various things that you can try rapping to but acquiring rap instrumentals or hip hop loops to try out … [Read More]

Hip Hop Loops Store


  We Have Loops If you’re looking for the Hottest Hip Hop Loops and Hip Hop samples and you considering surfing the net to find a website to meet your needs then visit and Purchase from You can explore an exclusive amount of FL Studio Sound Packs, Hip Hop Sound Kits and Loops. We … [Read More]

Classic Hip Hop Samples


  Classic Hip Hop Samples Hip hop has seen many changes over the years. It has taken on so many meanings to so many people. At first some were scared of change and did not understand it. Others felt like it was the first time their voices were heard. Today many things have been said … [Read More]

FL Studio 12


    FL Studio 12 Tips for FL Studio 12 you NEED to know about Easily the most popular music production software available on the planet today, there is a lot to fall in love with when it comes to the FL Studio 12 platform – but a lot of new users also find this … [Read More]

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